Thursday, 6 June 2013

Alex Proud

Alex Proud’s start came in the 1990’s, when he was working selling Rolls Royces to the Russian mafia. Seeking something perhaps a bit less risky, he soon transitioned to Japanese art, opening his first gallery to deal in that niche market. Thus, Proud Group was born. However, the field of Japanese art was not as lucrative as could be desired. Collectors of rare Japanese art were few and far between, and the sticker price did not quite make up for the meager market. That was when Alex Proud had the chance to meet Dennis Morris. Dennis Morris is a renowned photographer, most famous for touring with Bob Marley before Morris had even turned 17 years old. In addition to Bob Marley, his work featured the Sex Pistols, another rock icon. These images inspired Proud, who quickly had his first photography exhibition, and the Proud Galleries soon took off.
Fast forward a few years and the galleries soon had some additional features. Guests could now view art, then enjoy a meal at the adjoining restaurant. But that is not all: the restaurant featured live entertainment. Namely, of the burlesque variety.

This entertainment was soon a huge hit all on its own, apart from the galleries, and two more followed after the opening of the original restaurant, which are now referred to as the Proud Cabaret. There are three locations: City, Camden, and Brighton. The interior design of each supper club is reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s, while the entertainment features everything from circus-style nights, to murder mysteries, to raunchy variety performances. The Proud brand has entertainment to suit virtually any taste, from the refined to the naughty. Additionally, guests can visit the Proud Camden Bar, which is a live music venue set in an old horse hospital. Guests can even rent the stables of the former tenants for lunches, small gatherings, or to have a place to escape during the evenings’ performances. Admission from the Proud Cabaret Camden includes admission to the club, meaning guests can try their own moves on the dance floor after seeing how it is done at the cabaret.

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